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Borzoi Art Uljanow

Pastell / Pastel         

More of my pastel work you will find on my Facebook page ,also some  work in progress  

Borzoi in pastel

Borzoi pastel painting reference photo Vicky Groebl with kind permission



Pastel Tabby Cat


Grey wolf pastel

Grey wolf in pastel reference photo wildlife reference photos with kind permission



Lioness wildlife portrait

Lioness pastel reference photo Chris Allsebrook with kind permission


Don Camillo & Teddy Pepone



pastel painting wildlife Tiger

Tiger pastel painting reference photo Emmanuel Keller with kind permission



pastell Barsoi

White Borzoi in pastel commission work


Oil Pastel Barsoi

Oil pastel Borzoi

Oil pastel painting

Oil pastel painting Italian Greyhounds Commission work 2014